Question: How much does a Greet cost?
Answer: Every Greet is absolutely FREE OF COSTS, we really like to emphasize on that! We have a strict non-tipping policy. Our Greeters are so proud of theSuffolk Coast they are very much willing to have a Greet with you, spend a couple of hours to tell you their stories.
Greeters do however enjoy to have a drink with you, very often in a little bar or restaurant that you wouldn’t have found with out your Greeter.


Question: Can I support the Suffolk Coast Greeters financially?
Answer: Not at this time but it is something we will look at in the future


Question: How long in advance do I have to fill out a request form?
Answer: As we do not conduct pre-scheduled tours but individual Greets, we advise you to fill out the form at least 14 days prior to your visit. That will give you the best chance of one of our Greeters being able to schedule you in. If you arrive on a shorter notice we will still do our best but be aware that we may not pick up requests immediately and may miss you.


Question: Do I need to be prepared for all weather?
The Greeting visit can take place in different weather conditions. If the weather conditions create risks for safety or make the visit too uncomfortable (e.g. heavy snow, heavy rain, floods or storms), our Greeter will contact you discuss and if possible agree in advance a potential cancellation or replacement.


Question: What happens if I have an emergency or am sick, and I can’t take the scheduled greet?
If the emergency arises prior to the day of the greet, please call the Greeter you have been allocated to inform them. If they do not answer, leave a message, and send them an email as well. If our Greeter has an emergency or is sick we will do the same and will try to find a replacement


Question: Do I need to be on time?
It important to arrive on time. In case of un-avoidable delays, please ensure you have the Greeter’s number with you at all times on the day of the greet so you can contact them as soon as possible to let them know if you have been delayed


Question:Can I drive anywhere with the Greeter or will they drive me around?
No, Greeter visits are all walking or in rare instances using the public transportation system (taxis, buses, trains, boats).


Question: What do I need to do at the end of each greet?
Fill in a feedback forms, to go to Facebook and like us and post your feedback and photos, follow us on Twitter and tweet a photo and comment about the best bit of the greet.


Question: what happens if I am injured while on a greet?
Please ensure you have your own travel insurance and remember to take the usual care you would while on holiday to avoid injury.