What to expect?

Suffolk Coast Greeters are here to welcome you and make you feel at home as you visit our wonderful coast. Our Greeter will talk you through or show you some of the highlights with a personal touch of a particular town or village in the Suffolk Coast


The Process

You will fill in the form. Within a few working days our coordinator will contact you to see what your interests are and what you hope to see and how you plan to travel. She will then contact all potential Greeters to try to find a match. If one can be found you will be connected directly to them to chat via email, Skype or messenger to arrange the final details.




All our Greeters are volunteers that love their area. The Coordinator has met them and they have carried out tester Greets on each other. Beyond that they are people who love learning, sharing and meeting nice new people. They are not professional guides nor historians. Just people who want to make your stay enjoyable.
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