Adam Green

Adam is Chairman of Suffolk National Trust Volunteers, a Coast and Estuaries Warden for Suffolk Coast & Heaths Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and a Network Services Specialist. He combines his clear passion for the natural environment and his genuine interest in people in his Greets.  He is keen to welcome visitors from all around the world to #thesuffolkcoast, focusing on Felixstowe.

Angela standing outside Framlingham Castle

Angela outside Framlingham Castle

Angela has a passion for Suffolk, is a keen photographer and having worked in the tourism sector since 2008 is always looking to help visitors make the most of our wonderful county. Her Greets are lively, packed with snippets of interest and a great way to gain an introduction to #thesuffolkcoast. She is particularly keen to show people around Framlingham, Orford or Woodbridge but can also cover other areas given enough notice.


Debbie combines a love of nature, poetry and people in her Greets around Felixstowe. If you are a first time visitor who wants to explore some on and some off the beaten track areas in Felixstowe and get a flavour of the local as picked up by a newcomer you will enjoy her welcome walk.


Helen is the Felixstowe Change Director, leading the Felixstowe Forward initiative to develop a collective approach to tackling the town’s key challenges and opportunities to improve the economic, social and environmental wellbeing of Felixstowe. Her love of Felixstowe and knowledge developed through her job make her an ideal person to welcome visitors. She is friendly, chatty, calm and approachable, with good connections. If you are a first time, or even a repeat visitor to Felixstowe you will benefit from her knowledge.



A Greeter by the Hands sculpture by Rick Kirby

Ruth by ‘the Hands’ sculpture by Rick Kirby

Ruth is a lovely lady and a volunteer Greeter who has lived in Suffolk‬ all her life. She became a Greeter having enjoyed one with Chicago Greeters and wanting to give visitors a similar experience when visiting the Suffolk Coast. She has selected Woodbridge as her favourite place to welcome visitors, as she used it as the basis of a local history project for her degree and has spent many happy hours shopping and strolling around its known and hidden delights. Why not come and visit and book a greet with her?


A keen local historian, cyclist and walker Suzanne offers the visitor fascinating walks and talks around Framlingham, Thorpeness, Dunwich and Woodbridge. Having lived in Suffolk most of her life her chatter is rich with personal anecdotes and experiences from her varied career as librarian, food retailer, cook and more besides. You can be sure of her commitment to making your visit memorable and entertaining.